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Episode 10

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20th Jul 2021

The Where and Who of Live Music in 2021

What dramatic changes in venue landscapes might we expect in 2021? Some changes may be as core as permanent changes to food & beverage, ticketing, and hygiene theater as a pre-show to events.  Some may be as extensive as rethinking what is a venue or festival going forward.  Will this change how we use and permit space in the future, changing the economics of venues and events? How does this change the future of Festivals and Mass Gatherings, in the short and long term? Lastly, How does resource allocation differ by geography?

Geoff Mayfield | Variety; Billboard; Music Business Worldwide
Don Pitts | Sound Music Cities
Chris Zacher | Levitt Pavilion Denver; University of Colorado
Anya Della Croce | Petzi; Pass Pass

Audio recorded from session 04 from our Amplify Music 2021 Virtual Conference

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