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Episode 11

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22nd Jul 2021

Whose Music Industries in 2021?

2020 also was a year of voices raised around diversity and inclusion in many areas of our lives, including music. When we talk about recovery, funding, and working together, whose music businesses are we looking to support? Does everyone have access to recovery funds? Are we looking to build back the local music business as it was or in ways to bring in more diverse voices and communities? Join us in a discussion about whose music businesses and communities we are building into 2021 and beyond.

Andreea Magdalina | SheSaid.so; HOO KOO E KOO
Karen Reece | Urban Community Arts Network; University of Wisconsin-Madison
D.O. Gibson | Northern Power Summit; Northstarr Entertainment Inc.
Ryan Butler | The Recording Academy

Audio Recorded from Session 12 of the Amplify Music 2021 Virtual Conference

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